I’ve graduated to a new level of nerdiness.  To be honest, I considered myself a nerd already, but we brought it to a new level yesterday.

I bought my first tournament pack of Magic (The Gathering) cards.  And won 4 out of the 6 games we played.

The boyfriend was not too pleased about this, but he couldn’t be too upset – I mean, I was playing Magic, afterall.

But in other news, things are getting a little better.  The world stop blowing up in my face for now.  I’m picking up my car today and will no longer be stuck in the house all day while people are at work.

Anywho, that’s about all that’s going on, so I’m off to watch the Twilight Zone and continue to lounge in my pajamas.


So the highlight of my day was figuring out the conversion of a shot to a cup because my boyfriend has no measuring cups, and I want to bake brownies.  Classy. [Ahem,  1 shot = .125 cups, by the way.]

It’s been one of those days where the world just hates you.  It isn’t just today though, it’s been all weekend. Today, for instance, my car broke, and I had to call the VW shop to see if they could fix it. Apparently a cylinder went out and it’s going to be at least Wednesday before it’s even possible to have a vehicle again. Goodness knows how much this is going to cost.  Oh, did I mention the car is only a few years old – no extended warranty, though. Why I didn’t just buy a Honda, I’ll never know.

But the car thing is how my day started.  And apparently my concern about finals this go round were not unwarranted.  Did I also mention that this weekend a surprise party I had been planning for the past two months completely fell through?  Which is worse – not planning anything at all, or planning an elaborate party where nobody shows up?  Happy birthday, darling.

And those are just a few highlights of the weekend. So basically, life sucks. But I’m still kicking, so I guess that counts for something. Seriously though, I haven’t felt this defeated in a while. This whole summer quarter was just painful and my main concern was keeping my sanity.  Not sure if it worked yet. Guess we’ll see.

Well, I’m off to tend to my brownies.  Pineapple upside down cake is next on the menu.  Measuring out four cups of flour should be loads of fun with that shot glass…

Yes, I’m still alive.  We still don’t have all our grades back from last quarter yet.  I’m still running around like a chicken with my head cut off (but this time it’s mainly because I’m doing more extracurricular events and social things around Waco and still going to Austin on most weekends to visit the boyfriend). This quarter is going by much faster than last, and I’m actually more worried about these finals than ones from last quarter.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll try and update more often.  🙂 Hope everyone’s summer is going well.

I’ve finished two of my three law school exams for my first quarter of law school.  Honestly, it was not as bad as I thought it would be (though, the contracts final on Friday may make me change my mind).  I took the torts final on Saturday and the civil procedure final this morning.  I’m extremely glad that they allowed us to take our test on our laptops.  I can’t imagine writing by hand as much information as I did on my laptop.  As it was, I could have kept typing on my torts final for another two hours had they given me the chance. I still got through basically with what I had to say, though.  My last final is for contracts, and it’s at 8am on Friday.  Then I get a week off and then back to the grinding stone.

I’m currently taking a break and watching Stardust and drinking hot tea. I bought a new teapot that is glass and made for the blossom tea thingies.  (Something like this.) I was really excited until I realized I couldn’t actually boil water in this teapot… so I still don’t have a functioning teapot.  It looks cool, though.

Oh, and some of the best advice I could ever give to someone starting law school – get used to exercising a LOT before you start so when you get to law school you can exercise a little and not gain a thousand pounds.  That being said, I’m off to do some yoga (to take off the 7 lbs finals have packed on — thanks) and then on to study for contracts.

And here’s the front of the tshirt:


And here’s the back of the shirt (he said “And when we get to LAPP” 117 times since spring break — that was the official tally.)


Finals are coming up.  That’s stressful.  If I had money, I’d schedule a spa day in Austin once I’m done on May 1st.  It’s a great idea, anyway.

I just wanted to mention that my civpro prof is probably the nicest and most awesome professor I’ve ever had.  A lot of students really like this guy (myself included), but he has a very interesting teaching technique.  He’s quite… active. That’s the best way to put it, I think.  He’s a rather thin man who literally bounces around flailing his arms during most of the class.

He doesn’t normally teach civpro, so the class syllabus has been changed about eight times, but I think we all have a pretty good grasp of the material and it worked out just fine.  Nobody had any complaints about how the class was conducted or felt like the material wasn’t explained well or anything like that.  Regardless, he felt the need to do the coolest thing ever.

He made everyone t-shirts. They had caricatures of him that previous students had doodled on final exams, along with a few quotes that he’s said over 150 times this quarter.  As soon as I get my camera working, I’ll post a few pictures.  It really made my day.

Tomorrow is the last day of class.  Finals start on Saturday.  Wish me luck.

Two things happened today while I was at Wal-Mart.  I usually avoid Wal-Mart like the plague because there are always too many people with too many screaming children running around.  Normally, I would refuse to go in that place during holidays.  Today, I made an exception because I’ve decided that I’m not going to do a tradition typed up outline for my classes because that just doesn’t work for me.  My outline involves markers and posters.  So off to Wallyworld I went.

Anyway, I parked my car and incident numero uno happened.  I look over and the scariest vehicle I’ve ever seen was sitting next to me.  I even took a picture:

The only thing this van is missing is a sign that says “Free Candy”.  It’s hard to tell because I took this with my camera phone, but there’s even an old squirrel tail hanging on the rear view  mirror.  And yeah, those are shrunken zombie-like heads impaled on the antenna. And a scary clown head. Yeah.

So I ran inside.

I managed to get my few little things and got in line.  Ah, Wal-Mart check out lines.  The place where magic happens… or in this situation, a really bad case of blondness.  The girl behind me went to the little coolers of drinks near the checkout and brought back two bottles of Big Blue. It’s made by the same company as Big Red.

Big Red: Big Blue:

So after this girl puts her Big Blue on the checkout counter, the guy behind her asks what it tastes like because he’s always been curious.  So she says, “Well… it’s like, kind of like Big Red. Only instead of a red flavor it has more of a blue flavor.”

You don’t say.